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GoatMate & GoatDiary
LiveStock Management Solutions

AgroSonic Solutions has developed Goat Farm Livestock Management Software and Goat Diary Android App, that will help you optimize the performance of your farm and increase your productivity.

AgroSonic Solutions has been dedicated to improving every aspect of goat & sheep farming for commercial milk & meat production and helping farmers in the agritech sector across the world to use technology easily. The drive to make a difference and lead the evolution is at the core of what makes our solutions so effective.

GoatMate LiveStock Management Application Software & GoatDiary Android App platforms are the most advanced, successful, and best farm management software platform which is widely used globally for livestock farm management by the farmer for goat or sheep breeding, fattening, weight management, vaccination, dairy milk production & processing, fodder procurement, inventory management, supply chain, financial data management and analysis.

Decision-making tools with speedy, easy data entry, flexible & powerful reporting are

available for Desktop, Web, and Mobile platforms.

Why Goat Farming?

Goat and Sheep are the main meat & milk-producing animals in India, more so since the ban on Beef Sale in India. There is a huge domestic demand for meat along with its valuable By-Products such as viz. like milk, skin, fiber and manure etc.

GoatMate & GoatDiary applications for Goat farming play an important part of enriching rural economy, particularly in the arid, semi-arid and mountainous regions of the country.  With more than 124 million population, goats account for more than 25 per cent of the total livestock in the country and contribute Rs 1,06,335 million annually to the national economy .

Demand for Commercial goat farming for milk production and Goat farming for meat is huge and is expected to increase in developing countries (by 100%), especially in the East and South East Asia in the next 20 years presenting an excellent opportunity for enhancing export of live goat / sheep and their meat from India.


About Us

As a small technology company, AgroSonic Solutions Private Limited products for Livestock management software has been dedicated to improving every technology aspect of the agriculture users across the globe. Our clients are using our technology to reach more customers in immediate, personalized new ways.


To provide Strategic Management solutions and formalize animal husbandry sector by using technology to transform and improve processes that will in turn give better Return On Investment.

Our most comprehensive and successful GoatMate Livestock management solution & Goatdiary android app are being used globally on livestock farm by goat and sheep farmers for procurement, processing, breeding, weight management, supply chain and financial data management and analysis.

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Solutions We Offer

GoatMate Livestock management solution & GoatDiary Livestock Android App software is one of a kind software that helps the farmer in improving efficiency of their farm's operations by reducing mortality and improves health of livestock.

Drives better Decision Making with respect to resources and finances and helps in increasing ROI.

Integrated perspective on vaccinations, health, medicines from doctors.

Keeps the livestock records up-to date to provide an aggregated view, that tracks growth and metrics.

Multilingual, User friendly and Intuitive.

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Meet the Team


Anil Tatti


32+ years Techno-Commercial Experience

Ashwini Tatti


Making Impact everywhere from technology to fashion to agriculture

AIC Pinnacle


Supported by Atal Innovation Mission, NITI AAYOG, GOI.

Our Products

GoatMate Live Stock Management Software
GoatDiary Android App


Which type of Hardware / Software is Required?
- Any computer / Laptop / Tab / Mobile with or with out Internet Connection ,Any Operating System ,Browser Based – On Google Chrome.

Do you provide training?
- Yes . Complete training is provided by our team members online using TeamViewer / AnyDesk.

In how many languages it is available?
- It is currently available in 2 languages. English and Marathi

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A word from our clients...


-Narendra Singh
Amma Goat Farm


Agrosonic offers a powerful suite of tools that every goat and sheep farms must have, and I am using Agrosonic to manage our entire farm process.


-Nazly Yoosoof
Meraki Goat Farm
Sri Lanka


HI We engaged with Anil and his team in developing our Goat farm management system according to Sri lankan conditions.
We are very please with the out come and results
We very impressed with the knowledge and expertise Anil have on the farm management systems.
The team guided us well and and and shared lots of industry best practices, that help us to finetune.
The development team was flexible enough to accommodate all our change request and local requirements according to Sri lankan conditions .
We are very happy with Anil and his team and strongly recommend them as complete farm management systems


-Farm Field Gachpara 855 107,
Mob: 809 262 6009


Thank you so much AgroSonic Solutions Pune for designing an interactive software for our Goat unit. This software contributes to help grow our business to a great extent and make us efficient in controlling, monitoring all metrics of animal including Weight, achieving progress and much more. We are very satisfied with their great job.


-Prithviraj Chavan
Sumbaran Goat Farm


Happy to use the mobile app to micro manage my farm. Keeps me updated

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