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Here are few of our recent blogs.

1. Goat Farming – Impacting Livelihoods

Goat Farming – Impacting LivelihoodsGoat farmers could earn 250-300% higher incomes from goat rearing only by adopting scientific norms of goat management  and potentially higher by improving herd size and engaging in goat rearing as an enterprise by rural households.Continued innovation is needed for better technology acceptance by all stakeholders.


2. Importance of Farm Records

A good record keeping system can assist a farmer to make informed business and movement decisions. Accurate financial and production data help a producer make necessary adjustments to operate more efficiently, plan for the future and pinpoint the weaknesses of a farm and allow the producer to act accordingly . Keep track of assets / inventory such as money (receivables, and payable), livestock, crops, supplies and property.


3. Livestock Record Keeping

Livestock Record Keeping Record keeping is an essential part of a good livestock business management. It helps the farmer / investor in improving the efficiency of farm's operations.The key to successful livestock business is by designing better breeding plans and taking uniformed decisions that influences the production and profitability of the farm.Goat Diary Livestock & Farm Management Android App is designed as a mobile App to keep your livestock records up to date and provide basic management reports on the goat farm.


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